Friday, December 23, 2011

My Word for next year

The word is :


Instead of a long list, or even short list, of goals for the New Year I've decided to pick a word to describe myself.  I'll post it around my house, read about it in the scriptures, say it to myself when I'm frustrated etc. I figure I can't complain or judge if I'm busy being grateful. I can't get angry if I'm grateful for the person I intend to be upset with and I'll be an overall more cheerful person while I am pondering my blessings instead of those things which I do not have. I considered a lot of different adjectives including meek, mild, temperate, faithful, forgiving, prayerful, thoughtful, organized, productive and charitable but I think for this year the word is Grateful. It doesn't have to be an adjective if you choose to do this yourself. It could be a word like JOY. Anything to that would help you come unto Christ and have life more abundantly. Perhaps there is a different word that stands out to you. I'm grateful you read this post and good luck.


  1. I LOVE this idea. Now to figure out what word??? Isn't that half the battle with goals--deciding exactly what you want your goal to be? All of us have so many things to work on and sometimes that alone becomes overwhelming. And then we often set the goal too high, become frustrated and give up. I'm definitely going to try your idea...

  2. I made a necklace last year with the word "gratitude" on it. I also have Colossians 2:7 on a sticky note in my kitchen - "Overflow with gratitude"...mostly because I tend to focus on the negative and I have SOOOO much I should be grateful for. Thanks for the reminder again, friend. I love you and miss you!!