Thursday, November 28, 2013

Wink'n Lincoln: A baby story

     On Friday night I finally decided to pack my hospital bag even though my due date wasn't for another week. My back was hurting pretty badly after my walk around the neighborhood with Zach but I didn't think much of it because I was pregnant- everything is uncomfortable when you are 9 months pregnant. When we were brushing our teeth before bed Zach told our soon-to-be-son to "Poke mommy and break her water." Sure enough, right when he said that I felt a sharp jab at the bottom of my abdomen but no gush of water. We had been praying for some time that if it was ok with the Lord, Saturday November 23 would be a convenient date for us and potential babysitters since Zach has this whole week off for Thanksgiving. We said our prayers and went to bed at 10:oo pm. At 10:45 the flood gates opened and it was my turn to poke Zach to tell him to get me a towel because my water had just broken. The Lord must love us. After a few phone calls my sweet visiting teacher was here with her overnight bag to stay with the kids while we went to the hospital. Being the experienced father that he is, Zach knew there wasn't much of a hurry and made himself a plate of nachos before we hopped in the car. We checked in and got situated but there wasn't a whole lot of action for the next several hours. I had enough contractions to keep me from sleeping but nothing to call in the doctor for. 1 movie and a napping husband later, around 2:oo AM, they started a pitocine drip to move things along. By 6:00 AM contractions were hard enough that I called in the pain squad and had the anesthesiologist put in an epidural. Fast forward a few more hours and it was pushing time. Unfortunately the baby was face up, or star gazing as my OBGYN likes to say, which is the wrong way for sliding right out. I pushed for an hour and a half before she said, "Are you sure you don't want me to use the forceps?" since she knew I was trying to avoid that. I can tell you from baby #1 that it makes recovery that much longer and more painful. I was tired though and he was stuck so I figured it was time to bring out the salad spoons and get it over with. I was doublely grateful for the epidural at that point since I could still partially feel pain and what was happening. A few pushes later he was here and I was holding him on my chest. What a prize after the marathon.He is my biggest baby yet even though he was a week early.

Lincoln Moroni Hutchins
November 23, 2013
12:05 PM
8 lb 2 oz
20.5 inches

We had discussed the name Lincoln Moroni previously but it just seemed to fit with his Captain nick name. Zach would have made Captain his real name but I'm not that brave. Lincoln's birth is also sandwiched between the 150th anniversary of the Gettysburg address and Thanksgiving which was officially given the fourth Thursday in November by Abraham Lincoln. You can't tell from these photos but when he opens his eyes one is wider than the other so it looks like he is winking at you, hence "Wink'n Lincoln". We have much to be thankful for this year, not the least of which is this sweet new baby boy. The End or rather The Beginning.

Ruthie really isn't that grumpy. The first time she saw the baby she said, "I love the baby. My turn to hold him"

His sandy colored hair is lighter than the rest of my children at birth and his nose is a little bigger.
Other than that though, he fits right in.

All my boys

David asks to hold him the most but they all ask to hold Lincoln every day at least for a few minutes


  1. Congrats. What a beautiful family!

  2. Oh, I love this whole post. What an amazing experience. And what a perfect way to begin the Thanksgiving season...with a precious new baby and a very clear answer to a very specific prayer. And I love, love his name. Congrats!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS Alana and fam! So happy for yall. He's a cutie pie.

  4. Congratulations, and your family is beautiful! Lincoln is a handsome baby. Lots of love from Aunt Shirley