Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Something to be Grateful for

By popular demand, I've taken a picture of myself. I'm hoping for a delivery date some time early next week while Zach is off from school but technically I'm not due till the very end of the week. Babies could always be late too. I've had one child late, two early, and one on time so you never know. Tomorrow I'll pre-make the Thanksgiving pies just in case I'm not here to do the job - hopefully not here in fact. A new little spirit from heaven is definitely something to be grateful for. 


  1. Can't wait to hear the news! GOOD LUCK!

  2. I can't believe your due date is already here! Wow. Good luck with the new little guy. I'm sure he'll be here this weekend like a good boy.

  3. You are so CUTE! Your cute belly makes me want to be pregnant! Hope all goes well.