Saturday, November 9, 2013

Concert Violinist

Okay, so maybe not concert violinist, but adorable recital violinist. This is the first of many more recitals to come I imagine for our family. Gabe's been practicing so hard the past couple of weeks and his 4 lined song, "Long, Long Ago" was sounding pretty good. The actual performance didn't sound quite so polished because his teacher had his wife accompany the students. I think this was a mistake since it was a new and different element added at the last minute, but Gabe still did a good job, especially considering he has only been taking for a month and a half with this new teacher.
Over all I'm very pleased with his teacher and how Gabe is improving.


  1. That's awesome! Well done, Gabe!

  2. Another musician in the family--that's great. Glad he did a good job. Congratulations, Gabe.