Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I remember when I was younger in North Carolina praying for it to snow. On those rare occasions that the weather actually cooperated it was magical to wake up to a fresh, albeit usually thin, blanket of the powdery white stuff. There was an almost certainty that school would be canceled with anything more than an inch and we would have the day to ourselves. I am thirty years old now and I still love to wake up to a lovely whited out landscape. I've been watching the Canadian geese waddle on top of the frozen pond this week wondering when we would get the next snow fall. Well it happened and they loved it. Having small children is like experiencing things new all over again. Fun to watch, fun to play in and even fun to eat. I'm glad we didn't end up in Texas or Arizona. This is much better. 


  1. Very cute! We love snow over here as well! More Lincoln!

  2. Very sweet pictures. You can keep the snow--I had enough last winter to last me a few years! Of course, I have to agree that when it first falls, it is quite beautiful.