Monday, June 10, 2013

If I buy it, they will eat it

This week my family polished off:

4 grapefruit
5 pounds of strawberries
2 pounds grapes
18 oz blueberries
15 apples
8 pears
12 bananas
3 lemons
and various other fruit such as raisins, canned peaches, canned cherries, and dried cranberries

They would have eaten more, especially Mac and the blueberries, had I brought more home. It really doesn't matter how much fruit I buy, they will eat it- happily. And then ask for more. I know this is a good problem to have, especially since they will also eat vegetables, but it just doesn't fit in the fruit bowl any more. After I come home from shopping the produce is delicately balance as high as I can get it in the bowl and then spread out all over the counter. The extra apples go in the cupboard, the grapefruit in the fridge etc. On shopping day I cannot see the back of my fridge on any shelf but 5 days later- it is looking sparse again. I have little kids too! Oh the food bill when they get to be teenagers. Gabe already eats more than me at meals and he's only 7. I better start learning the art of being a fruit gardener.

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  1. You are so lucky to have children that love good food! I'd rather have an empty fridge in five days than begging them to please eat before everything goes bad. Teenagers will eat you out of house and home, that's for sure. I think they have hollow legs.