Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Ah, the great outdoors. The very best place for star gazing and fresh air. A few weeks ago, while my father was visiting from North Carolina, we went on our last Utah camping trip to Goblin Valley before we  move. We rented the on site yurts (think round cabin) instead of trying to tent-it with 4 little kids. The only down side to that was that we didn't figure out the heater until the morning after some of the kids had been chilly all night. Our hike through Little Horseshoe Canyon was excellent. Gabe and his boundless energy would have hiked the whole loop but we made the executive decision to turn around after 4 miles. I wasn't sure how far little legs could go. Ruthie was carried by Zach almost the entire way but Mac did a super job on his own Flintstones power. He didn't even really start complaining till about mile 7 and Zach carried him the last half mile while I carried Ruthie.  Overall a very good trip and probably the last one for a while. As a side note, someone saw us pack our van and asked us how long we went camping for. They were very surprised when I only said one night since it was stuffed to the max with people and gear- and that was without tents! I think they were expecting me to say a week or so. 


  1. This is be a place that holds lots of great memories for your family!

  2. One night or ten...same amount of stuff, just a bit more food! You're a trooper!

  3. Love your little hikers! Looks like great fun.