Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Place to Honor Yourself

(These pictures may or may not already be 2 months old and I'm just now getting around to blogging about them.) They are from our trip to Fort Collins, CO for a house hunting trip. It was an interesting experience to see for the first time the place you are going to move. There were more dogs than children, more bikes than cars, and more tattoos than modest clothing. Purple hair was definitely not just for the rebellious youth either, just an expression of self. You very much get the vibe that people are trying to find themselves and get in touch with something... nature, their true identity, their creativity, their favorite locally brewed beer etc. Restaurants come standard with dogie bowls outside so as not to offend dog owners and the people at Colorado State made SURE to point out that there was a Whole Foods to Zach, because that is supposed to be very important to him. I like Whole Foods, we ate there, my budget just doesn't allow me to shop for 6 people there all the time. I loved the sign on the trashcan that said, " Landfill". Your other options were recycling or composting. Why don't we just relabel it, "If you cared about your grandchildren at all, you wouldn't put anything in this bin". I do have to say though, we ate at some WONDERFUL local eateries, enjoyed the many parks and ponds, and thought it was a friendly sort of town if not a little eccentric. I think we will like it once we settle down. 

Denver will be our closest temple (2 hours) until they build the one in Fort Collins in a few years. 

CSU campus 

I Just had to take a picture of the squirrel since I hadn't seen one in so long.
There aren't enough oak trees in Utah to support a squirrel population

I'm assuming this is unsolicited art at CSU but perhaps not. I thought it was lovely. 

 "Honor yourself" has become a running joke between me and Zach now. Honor yourself by honoring your dog, your body, your pallet, your mind... Enough said. 

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  1. Fun! I love the art as well. Thanks for sharing a bit of the new life to be!