Tuesday, June 11, 2013

First and Last Day of School

First day of 1st grade on the right, last day on the left. We took a little more care to dress nicely at the beginning of school I guess than the end. 

I don't know how different the boys look, but 8 months and a few inches of hair sure made Toothie Ruthie look different. These are my two everyone is always telling me look most alike, I can see it. 

Hurrah for finishing! Hurrah for summer! Here we come Colorado. 


  1. Gabe's really changed most in his face. I can't believe you're leaving before we got to visit! We'll be there next year when we drop off Hunter and Tanner!

  2. What a difference in pictures! Loved them all and Zach looks awesome in that yellow jacket. Ruthie is so cute.