Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Snow Bunnies

So Ruthie's not at her best when she is cold. (And mom and dad put her shoes on wrong!) Can't expect perfect. 

Gracie the Snow Dog! The boys miss Gracie. As mom would say,
"Every boy needs a dog."

"Sandwich" I did this as the bottom piece of bread a bunch of times with the boys, but then I wanted to take a picture.  It's just as fun as it looks. 

Enjoying the snow now, just in case next year we are some where that doesn't get any snow.  (Is it possible I'm still blogging from Christmas? Yes, yes it is. That is what happens when you come home and download hundreds of photos)


  1. It is hereby decreed that you inherit Gracie should either Mom or Dad pass. Nice job.

  2. Great pictures, Alana. They sure were having fun. Was Ruthie's hat I made her too small? I see she's wearing the blue hat. She looks cute in her snow outfit, even though her boots are on the wrong feet--that's funny!