Friday, January 25, 2013

One-derful One!

I am not technically done blogging from the holidays, but I just had to post these pictures of my sweet baby Ruthie. She turned one on January 13th. At the doctor's they said she was:

Weight 19 lb 4 oz  20% (she doesn't look skinny to me, she just feels lighter than my boys were)
Length 30 inches  75% 
Head 17.5 inches  25% (whew! no giant head like the boys either :o)

One-derful Ruth Anne!
Sweet baby girl 

We celebrated with her first pony tail. Well it's more like a sprout at this point.

Dad 'helping' her take her birthday bite

For all you eligible one year old boys out there, Ruthie likes to flip through books, be read to, play cars with her brothers, climb on things, baby sign, smile, be tickled with my chin or nose, eat fruit and sweets, and just toddle around the apartment looking for interesting things to get into. Best. Baby. Ever.


  1. Wow! Went by so fast! She's adorable! Love that she knows signs. Breyer wore that birthday dress as well! Love it!

  2. She can give me the flu anytime.