Monday, January 7, 2013

A few Christmas Pictures

This year we came to Northborough, MA or Christmas. Zach had job interviews in Boston anyway which is about 45 minutes from his parents house. Killing two birds with one stone as it were. We had our own little family Christmas gift exchange in Utah before we left and then did it all over again when we got here. I'm sure the boys could get used to TWO Christmases every year. It has been lovely to spend time with Zach's parents, siblings, and other family members. We even got a good heavy snow a few days after Christmas to make it feel like a true New England winter. 

The official gift passer-outer

Dad practicing being a good receiver 

The gift that keeps on Giving

Mom thinking this book was a little morbid

Ruthie practicing giving hugs and kisses. Love those little hugs and kisses. 


  1. I bet you're so ready to get back home!

  2. Great pictures and glad you had a nice time. It was fun to see all of you and to meet Ruth. She is adorable and very sweet. Loved the boys running around the house in their new hats and mittens--they really cracked me up. Hope you had a safe trip home with no hitches.

  3. I think I meant "glitches" and not "hitches" Oh well. I guess I'm not quite awake. Have to go take my shower. Ta da!