Saturday, January 5, 2013

Miss Congeniality

This baby makes friends where ever she goes. Children and adults alike are just drawn to her pleasant smile and personality. This is a picture of her with a random child at the airport who started following Ruthie around trying to get Ruth Anne to play with her. Although she has been a little whiney lately because she hasn't been feeling her best, Ruth is usually such a pleasure. I never have a problem getting someone to hold her at church for me. There are many someones in fact who gladly volunteer for the job. It's nice to have TBBE- The Best Baby Ever. Only for one more month though. Soon she will have her birthday and be The Best Toddler Ever- we hope! Mac was pretty stiff competition for that title.


  1. I asked my dad today which child he's enjoyed the most and he said her, then Mac. She is the best baby ever! And so cute!

  2. So cute. She had never met me and was all smiles when I came in the day after Christmas to visit everyone. Even the boys came running to kiss and hug Aunt Shirley! I loved it!