Friday, November 2, 2012

What I like about Halloween

I like kids. I like how they can't tell how many days are on the calendar till the big day so they periodically check in and ask how many are left. I like how they love dressing up on all days and not just Halloween. I like how they talk about what they want to be and then what they are going to be for Halloween. I like how excited they get before trick-or-treating and how they fall into bed after the big event. I like how they spread their candy all over the table or floor and inspect every piece as though it were a piece of gold. I like how love to see all the decorations our neighbors put up and they don't question magic. I like kids. I like Halloween kids

Hey mom, there's an animal on your head.

My other Amber. She's got 2 pink soccer balls in there, not just one!

Life couldn't be any better. 


  1. That was written so well! I love that about my boys as well. Very cute costumes! Love the make-up. I've never done anything like that...ever!

  2. Absolutely LOVE this post!! LOVE the pictures of everyone--great job!!

  3. aren't kids the BEST?!?...
    awesome post.

  4. There better be some of that left for me when I get there on Friday!