Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chic Geek Bow Ties


I have the kind of husband who stands out in a crowd. He is 6'6" so he's more than used to getting a second glance. He is also a professor and definitely has a unique style of dressing. From suspenders, corduroys, and sweater vests to formal suits and ties he likes to play with his image. That is why he asked me a few years ago to buy him a bow tie. I bought one but one wasn't enough. I figured I could make it for half the price I paid so I made him another. And then another and another. The more he wears them the more people ask him, "Where did you get your great bow tie?" and he always replies, "My wife made it." Well, now I've decided to take the bow tie making adventure public and offer custom bow ties to YOU.

If you have a creative fashion sense or know someone who does check out my new blog. They make a great Christmas gift. 

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