Friday, November 9, 2012

A Joyful Noise

Gabe is the boy on the far left next to the blond little girl in the second row up. He has his chin down. 

         On Friday Gabe had his first Junior Choir concert at school. They sang about five songs including "You're a Grand old Flag" and "Never Smile at at Crocodile". The crocodile song was Gabe's favorite because of the accompanying hand motions; he preformed them rather enthusiastically and spasmodically. I thought he sang the flag song the best since he knew all the notes and words and paid attention very well. Of course I couldn't hear him specifically but I could tell how he was singing from my seat. We signed him up for choir 1. Because we don't have a piano yet and 2. Because his ear isn't what  you would consider pitch perfect. Really it was hard for Gabe to carry a tune in a bucket, but he is improving. The Choir instructor is a marvelous volunteer who always has a smile and kind words. Thank you to wonderful women like that and way to go Gabe, we are proud of you.


  1. How fun that you can even have a choice to sign him up for choir!

  2. That's wonderful! Nothing like starting him early and it will certainly be interesting to see how he progresses. He's so cute!