Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Mac's Birthday Celebration

Can you see Zach 'helping' him out with his Birthday bite?

This is my favorite three year old. If he were eggs he would be sunny side up. Mac requested a race car cake this year. (This is the third cake I've made with a car theme, two different ones for Mac and one for David) He also got a Cars movie comforter and sheets for his bed. We made a balloon gauntlet of sorts for him to walk through in the morning, went to Kangaroo zoo, ate hot dogs for lunch, opened presents and enjoyed his cake after dinner. Uncle Aaron and Sarah were there for dinner to help celebrate. Little Kenneth has taken to calling himself by his real name once in a while "Kenny" which I think is cute. He likes the color blue and LOVES to go to preschool on Fridays. He also loves Nursery, his brothers and sister, being read to, and making people laugh. I'm a lucky mom. 


  1. you ARE a lucky mom!
    and he's one lucky three year old.
    Happy Birthday!!

  2. Sunny side up! Perfect! You're a good birthday Mom!

  3. What a great cake! Love the pictures and your balloon decoration. What a fun day for your sweet three-year old.