Tuesday, October 23, 2012

You Might be a mother if...

You have ever tried to wash your hands one at a time while holding a baby

You have ever muttered or talked out loud at the grocery store, even when you are all alone.

You have laughed at a joke that wasn't funny AT ALL 

You have turned a blind eye to a child since their activity wasn't that bad and if they knew you were watching it would be like condoning. (like sneaking an extra cookie)

You obsessively take pictures and write down small moments in various journals

You have fed so many people you forgot to eat yourself

You've ever had guilt for saying something or Not doing something with a child

You've ever looked up at the clock and seen that it was 11:00 am, you were still in your PJs and you had been up for five (or more) very busy hours

Pretended to be some sort of animal for the enjoyment of a child

You caught yourself right before you were going to hurry them and just decided to enjoy it

You've wanted to turn back or stop the clock for just a little while

The best part of your day has ever been snuggling

(I confess, these all describe me. What's your mother moment?)


  1. Spending more time on the floor than an actual chair. Just did the one-at-a-time hand wash at IKEA this weekend.

  2. Alana, I love these! They belong in a book of "You might be a mother if . . ." I laughed out loud in my office.