Sunday, October 21, 2012

9 months old

This is  a picture of my mother at nine months of age that she found as she was going through old photos.The color photo is of me at 9 months old cropped out of a larger family picture. The black and white picture at the bottom is my sweet baby girl now at nine months old. Barry was kind enough to scan in these pictures of mom and me both 9 months old so you can see the genetic progression. I'm so glad he sent these. It's nice to glimpse the past of your parents and see what they were like. 
ME (Alana) at nine months. Cropped from an 8x10


  1. Genes are good. They're both beautiful babies! Keep it up ;-)

  2. This is really cool... and really wierd, too, because I totally see Zach in that last picture! The morphing blows my mind.