Monday, October 15, 2012

One Tough Mudder

On Saturday Zach ran a Tough Mudder race about 75 minutes away from where we live in Orem. He did an awesome job and from what we can tell, came in one of the first guys from his heat.  It took him 3:20 to run 12 miles and complete 20 obstacles. Most of  the challenges were either centered around mud or strength,  and a two that involved electricity. The next day he was sore and shuffling but he's on the mend. If you are curious about all the tough/painful details he can forward you the family letter and fill you in. 

Zach always stopped to help others at the obstacle, and usually received help in return if he needed it. 

I think I have more pictures of Tina with my children than I do with ME!

He earned this Head band for sure!

Way To Go Hubbie!I'm so proud of you.


  1. Really is an amazing thing he did...wonder if I could do it? I don't heart cold. Great pics!

  2. Great pictures--love all the ones of Zach--great job, nephew! Hope your aches and pains are much less now. Love the pictures of Tina and Ruthie. She must have been tired watching her Dad do the Tough Mudder--hard work, sweet girl.