Monday, August 27, 2012

You are


You are stronger than you think
You are smarter than you seem
You are braver than you know
- Christerpher Robin (A.H. Milne)

You are kinder than you feel
-Your Mother

Good Luck with first grade and preschool boys! I love you. 
(Mac had so many funny faces while I was trying to get him 
to smile, he needs his own post)


  1. ...all those handsome boys going back to school!... XO

  2. Wow! Gabe looks SO much older. In my mind, he's still just a little 4-year-old. Tell Gabe and David and Mac that we miss them and can't wait to hear about their school adventures on their mom's blog. (We miss you and Zach and Ruth as well--but the boys adventures will be fun to hear about...)

  3. Wow, those boys are looking big! Love those plaid shirts!