Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Say anything but 'cheese'

Mac-Stack started preschool this year. He is only two but he is such a social little bug and he seemed so interested since his brothers were going that we put him in too. I'm sure he will thrive, if we can just get him to remember to use the restroom.  It is just once a week on Fridays but he talks about it all the time. "I go to preschool too. I go on Fridays. I go one time a week. I go to the same preschool David does.My teacher is Ms. Diana. She is really nice...." It is pretty cute. Let's face it, he is pretty cute. 

This was supposed to be a 'first day picture' where he smiles at the camera and I go 'click' but that didn't happen. 

An unsolicited 'cheese' face. Mom: no Mac, don't say cheese. Put your hands down

Mom: Mac look here, look at the camera. Mac: PRESCHOOL!

Mom: Mac, smile when you look at the camera. 
Mom: Good smiling, now look at the camera

Mac: Hooray for preschool! Mom: oh I give up. We'll try some other time.


  1. ...these are PERFECT!

    It's a wrap.


  2. Funny! He's adorable! Boys do not want to pose. Girls, on the other hand, will!