Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Innocent By-standard

Ruth and Naomi played the part of audience while I tried to teach Naomi's friend Tyler how to make a bow tie. Tyler wanted a bow tie for his upcoming birthday and I said I would be happy to oblige. He came over for dinner and stayed for bow tie making 101. I say "tried" because Tyler doesn't actually sew and when we were about 90% through he accidentally poked some holes in the fabric when we were turning it right side out. At that point it was past 10:00 and I just said, "Tyler, I'll make it for you and get it back to you in a few days." He was so polite, he said OK and Thank you very much. I think he also thanked me for dinner three times. I like Tyler, but a seamstress, he is not. Ruthie is sporting some of the left over material.


  1. She's sooo cute! You're so great helping the boys who love to wear the boy ties!

  2. You are certainly converting the boys from regular ties to bow ties. Guess they are the "in" thing now. Good for you. Like Ruthie's headband--pretty color. Would love to have seen her smile behind that binky!

  3. (in a sing-song voice)
    "...I'll be holding her soo--oon, I'll be holding her soo-oon...!!!!"
    I can't WAIT!!