Monday, August 20, 2012

Meeting Grampy

Ruthie and I just got back from a trip to New England to visit Zach's family so that they could meet the newest Hutchins member. She was a stellar baby on both flights going and coming, melting the hearts of everyone she met. As we were getting off the airplane people were saying, "Good bye Ruth Anne, you were such a good baby. What a sweet heart" etc. I'm lucky; no one wants to be the mom of the crier. It makes for very unpleasant traveling. She was even more loved when we actually arrived. We look forward to Christmas we our whole family will be flying out there. Zach will be doing double duty though. His big English conference this year is in Boston so he will be commuting to go to job interviews and conference presentations.  

See you soon Grampy!


  1. Very sweet pictures of Ruthie and her Grampy. Glad she is such a great traveler.

  2. Is it possible I could get President Hutchins email address? Haven't been able to find it for awhile. I was a missionary down in Florida when he was president and was just wanting to catch up with him. Sorry for posting on your blog, haven't been able to find him! My email is . I hear on the news he is giving the invocation at the convention!