Friday, April 27, 2012

Where's waldo?

Where's Ruth Anne?

There she is!

She is such a happy baby. Getting her in the  morning is like unwrapping a present- Every. Day.


  1. WOW!!!
    She's got her cute on.
    (I always said that Heavenly Father made babies extra cute so parents could never stay mad or frustrated for very long)
    She IS a gift.

  2. She is so sweet. I think she looks a lot like Kenny with her round face and chunky cheeks. I remember Jenny saying that Mr. Morning was a happy baby as well. He was always smiling--guess that's how he got the name Mr. Morning. Love that Ruth is surrounded by all of her stuffed animals.

  3. That's how I feel in the morning with Breyer, but you expressed how I feel! Thank you. They're so fun!