Friday, April 13, 2012


I don't usually just get to go take pictures of Ruthie-rosie-cheeks here, just me and her, but I had a "day off" on Tuesday.The boys all went down to Goblin valley with my father. It was quite a treat with the little lady here. We did laundry, took pictures, picked up rooms that didn't get immediately messed up again, watched a movie and went for a walk in the sun shine. She was a  little angel in the movie theater and for most of the day. Heck, every day. Can I schedule another holiday soon please?


  1. adorable! (and three cheers for your day off!)

  2. Aren't little girls so much fun? That is a perfect day...take many of those opportunities because when she's mobile...look out!

  3. She is beautiful Alana! Sounds like the perfect day.