Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tanner, Zach's BYU nephew, stayed with us this past weekend for one last hurrah before flying home for the summer. It will be quite some time before we see him again since he is leaving on his mission to Brazil in August and will be gone for two years preaching the gospel. He's been a good babysitter, excellent hoover vacuum at the dinner table, and great friend to have around. Good bye and Good luck Tanner. See you in a few years. It's been a blast. 

Wake up Cousin Tanner!! It's time for breakfast

Happy 19 Naomi

Tina's hand on Naomi's head. Naomi's face in her delicious lemon cake 
There are worse things to have your face smac

"Now our trio's down to two" (name that movie)


  1. That's more of a face smash than the traditional "bite". Hope it was good--at least it wasn't chocolate like her Uncle Ben's a few years ago at the Temple home when Aaron smashed Ben's face into the cake--never laughed so hard! Belated Happy Birthday, Naomi.

  2. Also meant to mention the great pictures of the cousins together!

  3. The Lion King!
    I love those guys...
    I'm feeling sentimental for you.
    Hakuna Matata!

  4. He is a vacuum cleaner at the table! Thank you so much for feeding him. He really, really enjoyed coming to your house for that reason, and a few others, but he is a foodie.