Monday, April 30, 2012

Hee Haw Farm

 David went on a field trip with his preschool last week to a local farm. I tagged along with the wee ones. Hee Haw farms is set up to specifically as a field trip destination with small children in mind. It had play ground equipment, a petting farm, a corn box to play in and a tractor hitched up to a hay wagon to give rides on. The hay wagon was the highlight of the trip. I don't think David or Mac heard a word of the 10 minute lesson on cows and where milk comes from but they enjoyed the free cheese stick given out at the end. Fun memories. Gabe is always sad he misses outings like this because he is in school.

Making a corn box angel 

I can just hear Ruthie: Really mom? You put me down in this 
stuff  just so you could take a picture with two hands? 

I always find it funny to take pictures of my kids with other kids

"Come here little piggies"


  1. This post makes me smile.
    (aww... who am I kidding? ANY post with pictures of your kids in it makes me smile.)

  2. The monkey backpack is my favorite!