Friday, June 30, 2017

Roman Home

     Love-hate. That is the phrase I would use to describe my relationship with school projects. On the one hand, it means designated one-on-one time with a child working towards a goal. On the other hand, it is another monkey on my back. Parents are supposed to be involved, that much is clear, how much though is left up to the discretion of each family. I struggle with the balance. It is hard for me to sit on my hands and watch things done not quite the same way as I would do them. David is totally my project guy though. He likes to build and create. This is what we came up with. All five rooms are labeled in Latin.- Kitchen, atrium, bedroom, dinning room and gardens. There wasn't a whole lot of direction other than the five listed rooms that had to be included and the explicit instruction not to buy doll furniture. I was very pleased with David's planning, effort, and the end result. He got an A+. Go team. 

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