Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Cruise for Two

I've been bugging Zach for a decade to take me on a cruise. Being around a lot of strangers was not his idea of fun but this year it was in the budget so he humored me. High lights included:

-Parasailing on Catalina island. It was a much more gentle ride than I expected.
-Snorkeling, which was not as gentle as I expected.
-Eating authentic churros in Mexico
-On board comedians
-The top floor water slide
-Learning the thriller dance
-And especially spending time with Zach.

Some of the exotic creatures we saw on our ship

We also saw sea lions when we docked in Mexico. These blubbery animals were either sleeping, barking, fighting or sticking their nose in the air. Not so different than some of the people I've met. 

A huge thank you to Amyjo and Jarrod who drove all the way up here from Texas to watch our kids while we were gone. It takes a brave soul to do that! Sounds like the kids had a blast with their Aunt, Uncle and cousins though. Thanks Mary Poppins!

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