Saturday, July 1, 2017

Preschool graduation

(I'm working my way backwards through the past two months of pictures, can you tell?)

Scissors, and letters, and shapes- oh my! 

Ruth is a shining star, by all accounts she rocked preschool this year.  Both Ruth's teachers said that she was a delight to have in class and that she only had the occasional problem with being too chatty or wiggly. My favorite part of preschool graduation was when her teacher, Mrs. Carter, read out loud what the children wanted to be when they grew up and Ruth's answer was, "A mom". I may have teared up a little. She makes my heart happy. I will miss her next year when she is gone to school. I'm glad it won't be every day kindergarten. 

Los Tres Amigos. These were the only three girls in the class. We had many play dates with both Ireland and Julianna.  

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