Friday, April 29, 2016


 We have a dog. We are officially Fort Collin-ites now I suppose. I've never had a dog before. After a summer of math study and a trip through the Book of Mormon, Gabe earned a red heeler named Clarence. A 13 week old puppy from an animal adoption agency. Clarence is yet to be fully potty trained and likes to chew on things like my carpet, but he seems like a nice little fellow. When Gabe is home from school he has been very responsible about feeding Clarence and cleaning up his accidents. Gabe is not always home however. I have a lot to learn about dogs, but lucky for me I have time to learn it. I take care of small things for a living, how different can it be? 

This is Lincoln 2 1/2 telling Clarence, "Sit on your bum!" Lincoln totally bossed him. Unlike Mac and David, Lincoln is the alpha dog where Clarence is concerned. It is so funny to watch. Clarence totally loves Lincoln for it.