Saturday, April 16, 2016

Alara 6 months

Alara is getting bigger! 
She has made it all the way up from the 5% to 15% for weight, 
Weight coming in at a whopping 14 lb 6 oz
Length -26 inches 50%

She is also beginning to roll around and try to push herself towards objects of interest. She can manipulate her hands quite well so I try not to let her get too close to my plate at dinner. Alara is still our dainty little girl with tiny giggles and pitiful cries. I'm always a little bit sad when my babies hit six months because it means half of their babiness is gone. I savor the time that I have. I love to hold her in at night in the big purple chair and just watch her drift off to sleep. I think to myself, if I had just this one I would consider myself most blessed, how lucky am I to have six.

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