Monday, August 10, 2015

Texas Twins

        Ruth and I (and little lady #2) took a girls trip down to Texas to visit the Schenewarks last month in the great state of Texas. True to fashion, it was hotter than blazes, the high temperatures never dipping below 100 during our visit. (Thank goodness for indoor climate control!) The girls didn't let it dampen their spirits though and had a great time catching toads, dressing up, playing at the beach and doing general little girl things. Among other activities we enjoyed a trip down to the old sock yards, stake pioneer day and staying up past our bed time. I enjoyed some good reading time since I rarely saw my child till it was time to fly back home. I also enjoyed some late night walks with Amy Jo.  Toss in a few board games with the nephews and it was a great trip. Perhaps next time we'll be hosting Amy Jo and Bryer here in Fort Collins.

It's like I stepped into a Harry Potter novel for a moment.

Perfect depth for these little sprites to play in

I guess she likes to make that face for the camera

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