Sunday, August 9, 2015

Moving on Up

      It happens before every new baby arrives. We move the current occupant of the crib up to the toddler bed, and the one in a toddler bed gets upgraded to a twin. Zach and I like to two it well in advance so no one feels like we are steeling their crib when the baby comes home. Lincoln has been sleeping in a big-boy bed for the past few weeks and doing a fine job with only the occasional get up or roll out. Ruth is loving her new big bed too, since it meant she could finally use her hello kitty covers. Mac was roommates with Ruth but since Lincoln moved into her room he moved downstairs, back to the barracks with the older two boys. Everyone seems to like the new arrangement. I've even changed the bedding in the baby's room back to pink instead of blue. Change is fun, especially when it is in anticipation of a new arrival.  

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