Saturday, August 1, 2015

Murder Mystery Dinner

      In a classic who-dun-it night of food and fun we entertained three other couples at our house for the Italian version of a murder mystery dinner. I had purchased this game and given it to Zach as a Valentine's present but we only recently got around to hosting the dinner. Everyone comes in costume and as the dinner progresses we read from a script and revel additional clues as to who could have done it. Roles included Pepi Roni, Tara Misu, Bo Jalis, Angel Roni, Marco Roni, Clair Voyant, Mama Rosa, and Father Alfredo. (I was the mourning widow of the deceased and Zach was the resident priest). A long day of cooking to make the meal and dessert from scratch but it was a fun evening. We have since shipped it off to the highest family bidder (hope you enjoy Jen!) so I won't spoil the fun by saying who it was that turned out to be the murderer. 

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  1. Love that you had like minded individuals with whom to costume for the event!