Saturday, November 1, 2014

Harvest Festival

       Me and the littles took a trip down to the local harvest festival this year while the older two boys were at school and Lincoln was napping at home with Zach. I felt so unencumbered having only two children with me I actually got to enjoy most of the attractions. It was Friday-Field-Trip day and we celebrated. (Aside: I feel as though life should be celebrated. Any excuse is a good one. If it involves Family, Food, Friends or Fun I'm there.) After all, it is not everyday that you get the opportunity to ride in a barrel-train powered by a 4-wheeler or watch a pig race. The best part by far though, was the corn cannon. None of us hit the field target but who cares? We shot hardened corn cobs 100 feet into the air from pressurized guns. For a total of $12 the festival was a bargain. We are certainly going back next year. 
Snagging our chance at a photo-op in the surprisingly comfortable over-sized rocking chair.
If you can get in you don't want to get out. 

Down in Rabbit city...

our assistant had an on/off switch, just in case there were any trigger happy youth

the cannon remains 

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