Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Birthday Boy- Take 1

Can you see the 5 on the personal pizza?
This is smiley guy. He turned 5 this month. As per tradition in our household, the celebrant get to choose the menu on their special day. We had homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast, hot dogs for lunch and pizza for dinner. I must confess that I didn't eat the hot dogs and only ate the cinnamon rolls as a dessert but tradition is tradition. We waited to have his transformer party for a week so that his grandparents and cousin Owen could attend when they were visiting from North Carolina. The  festivities were held inside due to the arctic blast Fort Collin was experiencing outside. After glow-in the-dark transformer bowling and a rousing game of HOT and COLD to find the birthday gifts the party was a success. One exuberant child exclaimed, "This is the best party ever!" Near the conclusion while we were eating cake and ice cream another party goer let me know that it was , "the best cake ever, " but that it was, "the worst ice cream ever." Children are very honest.Well truthfully, it probably was the worst ice cream ever. That is what you get when you buy ice cream at the dollar tree

Mac, excuse me Kenny, is now the proud owner of two African Dwarf frogs which he named Cutie and Happy and a very large transformer dinosaur toy among other wonderful gifts. He didn't actually eat any of his cake but he did love blowing out the candle and being celebrated. This little man holds a special place in my heart. The oldest of my littles and littlest of my big boys. I love his cheerful attitude and special hugs. As of late he has also developed quite a talent for addition and loves to play Operation math on the ipad. I better teach him subtraction quick before the motivation evaporates. Happy Birthday Mac! Don't transform into an adult too fast Please!


  1. Happy birthday cutie! I can't believe he is already 5.

  2. Happy Birthday, Kenny. Love the cake. Your Mom did great job. Hope you had lots of fun. Love ,Aunt Shirley