Saturday, November 8, 2014

A Not-so-Themed Halloween

 It all started out with Cerberus the three headed dog, guard hound of the underworld. Between his classical school and Percy Jackson, my eight year old is fixated on all things Greek/Roman or mythological. He came up this Halloween costume idea months ago and I agreed since it sounded simple enough. I thought that we would go with a mythological theme this year but children don't always want to be what you want them to be. (Is there a life lesson there some where?)I was even willing to don a toga and plastic armor to be Athena, but alas, it was not to be. In the end Poseidon opted for the dragon costume instead of the golden trident and fish we sprayed and then it just sort of deteriorated into individual costumes from there. By the end of the night even Cerberus wanted to take the third head out, since it was too crowded in that single t-shirt, and be Orthus, Cerberus's less well known two-headed cousin. That's Okay, the children still have approximately 5 gallons of candy between them to show for their labors, and had a great time collecting it.

There was no way she would be wearing anything BUT this tutu this year.
 Dressing up is not just for Halloween

My cute little cherub being cupid
Wear black and add a $1 yard sale hat and you've got yourself a costume

My would be Poseidon turned fire breathing reptile 

Didn't Hades do a great job on his own make up? Very convincing 


  1. Oh my goodness! I LOVE your hat! That Cupid is dang cute! I love that Ruthie loves the tutu. Breyer wouldn't wear it!

  2. You had to take your own picture? Scandalous!