Saturday, February 15, 2014


This year for Valentine's my sweet husband made me a can holder for our garage wall. Isn't it great? Don't my cans look organized? The boys were his tool shop assistants and it turned out great. Hurrah for food storage. 

 Gabe came home from his classical education school yesterday not only with a bag full of candy but also a story about the Greek roots of valentine's day and the naughty cupid who makes people fall in love.
 These were Zach's gifts from me- A puzzle to do together (a true gift of love since I'm not much of a puzzle doer), something for his sweet tooth and some maple syrup.  There was of course the traditional homemade apple pie and some shrinky-dink tie tacks with pictures of all of us so he can proudly sport his family wherever he goes.

The boys all got thrift store game classics and Ruthie received some nail polish. She had the proper adorable 2 year old response to go with it, "Ooooooh I love it. My nail polish". And I love all of you family!

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