Thursday, February 13, 2014

Herding Cats

This year is our first experience with organized basketball for both the older two boys. Zach volunteered to coach the 6-7 year old rec team and he has likened it unto herding cats. I can see why. Their focus isn't exactly laser sharp yet. No score was kept but if you read our family letter you know that Gabe and David's team never even made a shot much less scored. The other team put up a good 10 or 12 points I would say. They are still fun to watch when I'm not corralling the younger three. Better luck next time guys. 

It is too early to learn positions so they play man on man. Just checking to
make sure everyone knows who they are guarding

David working on his passing

I feel as though this shot is fairly representative of Gabe skipping through life like a butterfly. Not overly concerned with the game


  1. my favorite spectator sport! I wish I was close enough to cheer them on. ENJOY.

  2. Fun to see photos of Zach in action! and the boys!