Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Look Who's Talking 2

Hurrah for Ruthie! She's finally two. We've been practicing saying, "I'm two" and holding up 2 fingers this week. I will say that she is our first child who hasn't needed help blowing out the candles or opening their presents on their second birthday.

 Ruth Ann's favorite things to do right now: read books, chew gum, do whatever chore mom is doing, play 'gotch you' with her brothers, color (with markers or with the ipad), hold her dog and pacifier, and cry. The crying has just started in the last few weeks and we're not sure why. It may have to do with the new baby or just being a two year old girl. She also likes to sing the Sunbeam song, go to the playground, and jump on the trampoline when the weather is nice. Ruthie is still working on her colors but has made a lot of progress and can identify the basics pretty regularly. First one she learned to identify with consistency- pink. She can count out loud to 10 but not count 10 objects on a page yet. She will sing you parts of the alphabet but not A-Z. If you double her height she will be 5'8". We shall see.

My favorite things about this sweetie: singing her to before bed time in the rocking chair, hearing her giggle, playing 'gotch you', watching her skip and dance, and hearing her sing pieces of songs. Ruth Anne is a joy. So glad you came to our family two years ago. 

I actually had a rainbow birthday cake for my second birthday too. I cried when Amber blew out the candle for me. 


  1. i love her! (and nothing says happy birthday like decorations made from colorful [wet] clothing)