Friday, January 3, 2014

Having a bad hair day...week... month...year

Ruth is going through a bit of a hair phase. I say phase because I hope she grows out of it, or rather her hair does. Basically since she got any hair worth speaking of,every morning she has woken up with atrocious bed head. Nothing a little spray conditioner and some patient combing won't fix but if left to it's own devices her dirty blond wisps sprout out in all directions in true Medusa-like fashion. Not exactly princess material before her daily grooming, but darn cute. 


  1. Her haircut is cute! Breyer's is the exact same mess! After driving to Texas her hair stuck straight out in the back like a horn, thought it must have had some shake in it, but when we drove back home six days later, it did the same thing. She must turn circles while sitting in her car seat!

  2. We all have bad hair days. You should see me when I get up in the morning, or maybe you wouldn't want to (LOL). There are some people who can get out of bed and their hair looks great--don't know how they do it. My hair is so fine that it has a mind of its own. She is so cute, though.