Monday, January 13, 2014

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Stop the presses! or at least the laundry. Our dryer went out last Saturday night. We didn't get a repair man out here till Thursday and he said that we needed a part which had to be ordered. Of course. The part should take 3-5 days to come in. We are still waiting for the part and for the repair man to return. In the mean time I do one load at a time and then proceed to decorate the house with all our wet clothing items. 


  1. Your garbage post cracks me up. My boys use to go running too. And your clothes give new meaning to airing your laundry in front of others ;-)

  2. Oh, yikes. You should have Zach zigzag a laundry line across your whole house. Abstract art.

  3. I wonder what the neighbors say when they see your decorated windows! LOL!! Maybe Zach should string up some lines in the basement for you. That would help solve having them on the curtain rods, shower rods, etc. My next door neighbor doesn't have a dryer and hangs her clothes everywhere. Once in awhile she'll come to use mine. Hope your machine gets fixed real soon. With your large family, you really can't be without one. Good luck.