Monday, October 10, 2011

10 year Reunion

This past Saturday a girl from our Freshman ward at BYU organized a little reunion get together at Rock Canyon Park for those who were still in the area or could make it. It was a prelude to the BYU game later on that night. Since Zach and I are so close by we thought we would stop by and see what everyone was up to. 

There were a few more rings on fingers, a few more pregnant bellies, a few more degrees of various shapes and sizes, and dare I say it... a few more fine lines on everyone's faces.All in all though, most people seemed pretty much the same. A happy bunch of LDS kids  now raising LDS kids of their own. 

It was fun to see them and the boys enjoyed the pizza picnic at the playground. 

Seeing old friends was nice, but the best part about freshman year I got to take home with me. Here's to knowing each other for 10 years hun!


  1. How FUN!!

    All beautiful people...

  2. 10 year college freshman reunion? WHAT? Who does that? Is Kent's wife taking the picture?

  3. I know, it was a little random. Kent's wife is visiting family in Washington with the new baby.