Saturday, May 16, 2015

 This is our crazy little home-preschool group from this year. Two ambitious mamas and a handful of energetic children. Next week is our last week before we officially go on summer break. Preparing to teach five preschoolers each Monday night gave me a taste of what home schooling would be like and I now have even more respect for the women who attempt it. My amazing co-teacher Natalie is moving with her children this summer and Mac will be in kindergarten in the fall so our group is unfortunately breaking up. I'm glad we had this year together to sing songs, learn, play, build, create, and try. Favorite moments include the ivory soap cloud, homemade pizzas, baking soda volcanoes, fruit loop necklaces, and perhaps even the fake snow fight- although that was a big mess to clean up. Of course I had plenty of ideas that didn't go over so well but I'm keeping my preschool notebook just in case I decide to do this again. 

Good Job class preschool 
class of 2015!

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