Thursday, May 14, 2015

Bed and Breakfast

David was meant for extreme sports. Heaven help me when he is a teenager!

 We enjoyed a fly-by visit from Naomi and her friend Lauren a few weeks ago, as they made their cross country trip back east. It may have been for only one afternoon, but the kids milked her for all she was worth. I think the helmet was a smart move on Naomi's part. That night we were joined by the Schenewark crowd- Jarrod, Hunter, and Porter- so we had a right sized Hutchins' pow-wow before bed time. The children were already off to sleep by that time the Schenewark's showed up though so they did not get the pleasure of playing with their older male cousins unfortunately. The whole troop was out by 6:30 AM on their separate journeys so we didn't even get to enjoy a proper breakfast with them. Hopefully we will get another chance. Come back and visit any time!

Lauren preferred the smaller, quieter sort to the crazies

One more time folks!

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