Sunday, July 21, 2013

Look who's in Nursery!

Look who's 18 months and in nursery! It's Ruthie! Isn't she adorable? She had no problem being dropped off after her hour- long sacrament nap and when I picked her up they said she had been "really good," which they volunteered, I didn't ask. I can see why, nursery has many of her favorite things- coloring, toys, snacks and Jesus. 

Some of the other things this little gal likes: to gallop around the house (not to be confused with running, it is a totally different gate), play with and be chased by her brothers, be read to, eat crushed ice which she asks for by name, carry around her stuffed dog and play at the splash pad. If the prancing picture had been in focus I probably would have printed it off and framed it. As it is, I might try again to take that picture. I try to refrain from giving her special treatment just because she is a girl, I don't want her to be spoiled, but she definitely is the family pet and a little ray of sunshine. 

"See" is what she is saying when she showed me her colored name tag

Big girl walking in mommy's shoes


  1. Really adorable. When Mr. A comments, you know it's true!

  2. She is so darling. We miss you guys over here. Glad nursery went well!

  3. She's quite the gal! Love her in mommy's shoes, too! I think she will be a model, don't you?