Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Soccer Boy #2

This is our first soccer season with David who just turned 5 in February. He is on the under 6 team and is admittedly not the star, but he sure looks like he's having fun trying. It's his first ever experience with the game and I love to watch his enthusiasm. (At the start of the season we asked Gabe if he liked soccer and Gabe's response was, "I like the treats afterwards", so we didn't sign him up again. If he had wanted to, he would be playing soccer too. ) Poor children have had a rough start to the season with unseasonably cold weather, wind and even some snow. David's been tough about it though and not complained. GO #44!


  1. He is really one cute soccer kid. And I LOVE the blue!

  2. Now the fun begins. It's hard to believe that your boys are old enough to engage in sports. Time marches on. Hope he has fun playing.