Friday, April 5, 2013

Lego Babies

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This is my two little ones peacefully playing Lego's together while the other two are at school.  Mac and Ruth's bums are small  enough that they can fit on the same chair if they don't push.(Which is a 50/50 event) All four of my children are in love with these little plastic blocks, as millions of other children are as well, but what surprised me is how much Ruthie has taken to them. She has played BY HERSELF with Lego's for a solid HOUR before. She can't even put pieces together. She will pull them out and put them back in the bucket, zoom around the cars that are already made, and just generally inspect her brother's creations. I tried to take her off the chair on that particular occasion and she was mad so I just put her back down and she kept playing. I knew she had to be the best baby in the world. Her older brothers aren't far behind.


  1. Brother and sisterly love--just love the way they are playing together and love the picture of the two of them smiling--so very sweet!

  2. Breyer plays with the tiny Legos! She got that size for her birthday and doesn't play as long as Ruth! P.S. I brought the clothes, so tell Zach!